[.c-text-100]Hello πŸ‘‹ Refokus[.c-refokus-logo-big][.c-refokus-logo-big] , [.c-highlighted]hire me[.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlighted] πŸ“‘ as a [.c-webflow-logo-300][.c-webflow-logo-300] developer! 😊[.c-text-100]



[.c-text-22][.c-checked][.c-checked] and with that I have already fulfilled the first point from the requirements list.[.c-text-22]


Because with webflow
I can make all
my ideas
πŸ’‘a reality.

[.c-text-80]Because i love the[.c-text-80]


[.c-text-50][.c-text-white]and to quote Joe Krug[.c-text-white][.c-text-50]

[.c-text-50][.c-text-white]from finsweet[.c-text-white][.c-text-50]

[.c-text-50]"we are all pioneers [.c-text-50]

[.c-text-50]already working with webflow"[.c-text-50]

[.c-text-50][.c-text-white][.c-iherz][.c-iherz] the possibilities[.c-text-white][.c-text-50]

[.c-text-50][.c-text-white]webflow will give us in the future. [.c-text-white][.c-text-50]



Five reasons to work at Refokus!

The main Reason
Webflow agency
Enterprise Partner
German Time Zone
Remote Work

I want to Learn from one of the BEST!

I want to learn and get better. I want to create added value for the team, the customer and myself with my ideas and suggestions.
I hope to achive that with you!


Webflow Agency

Webflow is my choice for website development. That's why I want to start in an agency that is as convinced about Webflow as I am.


Enterprise Partner at webflow

As an Enterprise Partner at Webflow you are one of 29 agencies worldwide that have this status. This means that you have completely different opportunities and challenges and operate on a different level where I would like to accompany you.


German Time Zone

Webflow agencies on your level that operate in the German time zone can currently be counted on one hand, so I'm glad that it is a requirement for you.



Remote Work

I think remote work is wonderful and just makes sense in these present days.Β It allows me to work in a company like Refokus on large projects that probably would have been located in a big city five years ago.
It allows me to maintain my center of life and not have to commute.



[.c-webflow-logo][.c-webflow-logo] [.c-highlighted]Developer[.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlighted] are getting Β [.c-text-800]hired[.c-text-800] nowπŸ”₯

[.c-row-flex-learn][.c-text-column-learn]I am the typical self-taught guy, who learned front end development at a in person-course at opencampus in Kiel.[.c-text-column-learn][.c-column-learn][.c-column-learn][.c-row-flex-learn]

[.c-row-flex-udacity][.c-column-udacity][.c-column-udacity][.c-text-column-udacity]The course was based on an Udacity online course in witch I acquired a certificate.[.c-text-column-udacity][.c-row-flex-udacity]

After that I worked on the side at some website projects in this process I found [.c-webflow-logo] [.c-webflow-logo] and was fascinated about the capabilities of this tool.

Since then I have implemented several sites with [.c-webflow-logo] [.c-webflow-logo] where I did both design and development. Β 

[.c-row-flex-omr][.c-column-omr][.c-column-omr][.c-text-column-omr]I've talked to Yasmin at the OMR festival about this open position and she said that you are looking for people that are engaging with the brand and the product. [.c-text-50]I am that person![.c-text-50] I have taught myself the basics of [.c-webflow-logo] [.c-webflow-logo] and would like to transfer my skillset from basic to [.c-baloo-border]enterprise[.c-baloo-border] with [.c-highlighted]you.[.c-circle-yellow][.c-circle-yellow][.c-highlighted] [.c-text-column-omr][.c-row-flex-omr]

Meet Cornelius

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